Divine Comedy "A Thérèsian Mystery Play"

The Oxford Oratory is producing a play about the life and impact of St Thérèse:

Divine Comedy "A Thérèsian Mystery Play"

Please keep watching the blog for further information about this

The play will be performed in the Oratory Church on:

Wednesday 30th September at 8pm
Thursday 1st October (St Thérèse's Day) at 1pm (matinée for schools)
Thursday 1st October (St Thérèse's Day) at 8pm
Friday 2nd October at 8pm

Admission to the schools matinée will be free
Other performances: £5 or £3 (concessions)

Booking will open soon. Please keep watching the blog!

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  1. I'm sorry to be the first to comment, and that this first comment is largely negative. This did not work for me because
    1. The resonance of the building made it very difficult to hear any of the dialogue. I missed most of it.
    2. I was not able to connect at all with Dan & the doctor. I could not relate them either to Dante or to Therese. That device seemed to me a clumsy and unnecessary distraction.

    BUT, having said that, and having left the church very disappointed, I woke up next morning with the sound of those glorious children's voices from Part 1 filling my whole being with intense joy; and with the almost unbearable mixture of terrible sorrow and deep joy at the parting of Therese from her wonderful father impressing upon me more vividly than ever the reality of our separateness and separations, and that, in Christ, they are not the last word.
    Praise be!

  2. It's too bad that I missed the play.. When will it be held again this year?


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