The relics of St Thérèse of Lisieux are being exposed for veneration in churches throughout England & Wales in the autumn of 2009. They will be in the Oratory in Oxford on 7th and 8th October.

St Thérèse (1873–97) was a Carmelite nun inspired by an intense devotion to the person of Jesus Christ. Her practice of complete fidelity to Him in the smallest events of daily life, her “Little Way”, gives an example that shows how a profound spiritual life can be within the reach of ordinary men and women.

This teaching, as she lived it, is described in her autobiography, “The Story of a Soul”. It led the Church to declare St Thérèse a Doctor of the Church, a teacher of the most profound truths of the Catholic faith. The visit of her relics to the university city of Oxford teaches us that the most important lesson of all is to learn to know and love God in our own lives.

Relics remind us that God himself made human life holy when he became a man, Jesus Christ. He continues to make himself known in the words and deeds of holy people. Relics are a sign of God’s presence in his saints and a focus for our prayer. The relics of St Thérèse recall her “Little Way” of complete fidelity to Jesus Christ. In them she comes to us and invites us to follow Him.


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  2. i have just found out my 4 year old son has autisim and i will be visiting her in oxford i pray that st therese will send me a rose and help me with the long road ahead and that i can do the best i can bye him that he can have the best life i can give him plees pray for us