Oxford Oratory Relic Chapel

Work will shortly begin on the refurbishment of the Relic Chapel where we keep our "permanently resident relics"! We hope to begin the work by the end of June and finish in mid-September, in good time for the visit of the relics of St Thérèse of Lisieux in October. We expect all the chapels to be in frequent use for Mass during the visit, so we want them all to look their best.

The chapel presently doubles as a baptistry, but the font will be taken away to be restored, and will probably not return until the new baptistry and chapel is built on the other side of church. The cupboards, altar, walls and ceiling will all be restored to their orginal condition, as will the shrine of St Aloysius. The whole chapel will be relit, with lighting within the relic cupboards and from the skylight above.

Pictures and information are available by clicking here.

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