Please note that parking is very difficult in central Oxford. There is some free parking to the north of our church in some of the side streets, but it is limited. Parking is available in St Giles' or at the multi-storey carpark at Westgate. Parking is free in St Giles and some other surrounding streets from 6.30pm to 8am. For details of street parking times and charges click here.

Coach drivers please see updated information here.

Park and Ride operates from five locations on the edge of the city. Pear Tree and Water Eaton are the closest. Park and Ride does not operate at night. From Pear Tree Park and Ride alight at the old Radcliffe Infirmary. From Water Eaton Park and Ride alight at Keble Road. Please click on Pear Tree or Water Eaton for prices and timetables.

For a map showing the location of the Oxford Oratory, please click here. If you are using a SatNav to drop pilgrims off at the church our postcode is OX2 6HA. But please note:


If there are queues to enter the church, they will stretch northwards, towards the old Radcliffe Infirmary. Volunteer marshalls will direct you.

Volunteer marshals will wear high-visibility tabards and badges. Please ask them for any assistance you require. They can direct you to First Aid if necessary.


The church may be crowded for the Masses and other services. We advise arriving early.

Loudspeakers will broadcast into the courtyard in front of church if necessary.

Before you enter the church, it is possible to purchase candles and flower petals. The candles may be lit inside - or if space runs out they can be left to be lit later. The flower petals may be touched to the reliquary casket and taken home.

You are asked to remain completely silent within the church, to switch of mobile 'phones and not to take photographs.

A one-way system will operate around the church. On the way to the relics it will be possible to go to Confession. Confessors will be on duty at all times, including during Mass. Leaflets are available to help you to make a good confession.

Information about the life of St Therese will be displayed around the church.

Once you have venerated the relics, you may stay in the body of the church for as long as you wish.

When you leave the church, there is a marquee where books, cards, medals, rosaries etc may be purchased. Free tea light refreshments will be available and sandwiches may be purchased.


The Apostolic Penitentiary has granted a Plenary Indulgence to all who venerate the relics of St Thérèse in our church. To gain the Indulgence:

1. Make a good sacramental Confession
2. Receive Holy Communion (within a few days)
3. Pray for the Holy Father's Intentions
4. Take part in a service or devotion in honour of St Thérèse,
or spend some time in prayer,
concluding with the Our Father, Creed and invocations to Our Lady and St Thérèse.


Confession and refreshments will be available throughout the Visit of the Relics, from 3pm on Wednesday 7th October.

Please allow plenty of time for your visit and be patient if you have to wait.

Groups from schools, etc will be taken along an "express queue".

The sick and infirm will be taken straight to the relics without having to wait.

Veneration of the relics will not be possible during Masses and other services.

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